Modern boiseries and design separé for unique charming ambient

Classy furnishing has three main qualities: taste, sense of balance and culture. One of the disciplines that undoubtedly fields all these three qualities together is the choice of unique pieces of furniture as modern boiseries and design separé, like the ones that FG Art and Design tailors for you.

Thanks to the study of the spaces and to the unique attention to the customer’s taste and the mood of the ambient mood, the skillful artisan hands under the direction of Francesco Faravelli and Paolo Guadalupi transform walls and living spaces in a decorative triumph that is substantial, but never baroque.

Modern boiseries: the direct descendants from Versailles

The special boiseries in etched iron and gold leaf by FG Art and Design are simple but outstanding decorative elements, direct descendants from the classic wooden boiseries which were a big trend in France during the XVII and XVIII century:

originally embellished panels, painted or with chalk applications, today they are key furnishing pieces of the most elegant and luxurious ambient. Centuries pass, but the elegance and the conceptual force of these solutions is never out of charm.

The modern boiseries by FG Art and Design are not limited to pure decorative art but, as many artworks from this group of artists and artisans, they aim at the creation of a story around us, that talks through shapes, bodies and breaths.

The panels from the Woman Collection create a game of shadows on the walls, giving them life, making them real. Black on black, stripe on stripe, the feminine shapes come out of the metal to enter without fear in our reality.

Modern boiseries and design separé

The Woodland Series, on the other hand, doesn’t need to walk out to exist because it is already all around us: the surrounding ambient becomes a forest of trees, a magical place were branches and leaves are covered in enchantment thanks to the wise touch of the gold leaf.

Boiserie moderne e separa di design

Modern boiseries and design separé: handmade decorations for airy and open spaces

When ambient asks for openness, for gazes free to fly and go beyond the walls, it is the moment to play with full and empty, to frame furnishings and dare to walk the other way: the design separé in etched iron by FG Art and Design create spacious coils among the spaces, decorating them with levity and character and the same time.

Seeing is believing: in the official catalogue you will find elegant examples of some of the finished works.

The Woodland separé follows the steps of the rest of the namesake collection, that forges an ambitious nature in the hard metal. The tortuous shapes of branches and trunks are carved into air and light, like if the ambient is suddenly part of a luminous wood.

The Intrigo separé, etched in iron, draws an intersection of simple lines in the air to trace an alternative vision: the cracks, empties par excellence, become solid metal and delete the classic concept of wall, giving back to us a negative.

It is through the full that our eyes can see, while the empty hides what is beyond.

Separè FG Art and Design

Finally, the Gold Leaf separé, as the name suggests, uses gold leaf to create a magical and suspended drawing. Realized for Starhotels Michelangelo in Florence, it evokes traditional patterns joining them with modern techniques, making all this a true, genuine design furniture piece that mixes history, culture and beauty in its elegance.

Separè di design

Etched iron design furnishing pieces completely tailored for you

These are just some of the examples (browse them all: Design separé and boiseries) among the many projects that FG Art and Design tailors on your ideas to give your spaces that plus touch that will forge their personality, making them truly unique.

The creative team, made of artisans, artists, interior designers and architects, is ready to help their clients in every step, from the choice of the right style for the desired ambient to the planning based on the spaces made with avant-garde tools, ending to the transport and installation of the works.

Because design is marvelous, but it becomes pure perfection when it’s matched with the cure that only an artisan can offer.

Download the complete catalogue or contact the company for more info.

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