The good season is coming and we don’t want to be caught unprepared; we are not meaning just the classic bathing suit test but, for design lovers as we are, April is synonymous of…the  “garden challenge“. Here, you will find some advice on how successfully pass it thanks to the outdoor design iron sculptures by FG Art and Design, a true classy solution in the garden furniture field.

Make your open air spaces unique with outdoor sculptures

When we say design furnishing, we mostly think straight away of indoor spaces: kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms that we love to furnish sparing no accessories, sculptures, boiseries and separé. Still, when the rainy season is over, we discover that among our favourite ambient there are surely the outdoor ones. This is why, even if for some part of the year we forget about it, curing them to the smallest details is a must: from Spring onwards, the outdoors will be where we will throw parties and happy hours; here, we will live moments of relax and conviviality, and appearance is important too!

Therefore, the question is: how can we make our outdoor spaces unique?

The design outdoor sculptures by FG Art and Design

Sculpture could be the last solution to come in our minds when we think about the decoration of open air spaces, but surely it is the most impressive. And, when you can trust a brand with a solid creative story at the client’s side as FG Art and Design, the process is undoubtedly winsome:  FG Art and Design cures every work in its smallest details, projecting and tailoring it on the spaces that will host the final piece. After a first contact, the team will study the open air ambient that needs to be enhanced and will create a virtual preview in loco of the sculptural project.

This is an essential step especially in the case of garden and outdoor furnishing: the iron design sculptures created by the team lead by Paolo Guadalupi and Francesco Faravelli aren’t just an addition to the ambient, but they aim to linking nature with the surrounding landscape. 

Rings Collection

The painted iron sculptures of the “Rings” collection are the typical case of this marriage between iron and landscape: the rings, balanced one on each other, decorate but at the same time frame the breath-taking views on the landscapes in which they are inserted. Like little portholes on the world, they gift to the lucky client an enclosed natural space.

sculture di design in ferro

“Circles”, “Ground” and “Fuga” sculptures

Same spherical shape, different concepts. As already seen in other works by the FG artistic group,  in the Circles, Ground and Fuga sculptures we find once again the primary shapes that give rhythm and character to the composition.  Simple, still powerful curves, they sometimes get around, some others follow through our gaze. The etched iron sculpture “Ground”, in particular, has been create to adorn the spaces outside a company in Parma: as we said, the works by FG don’t decorate just private spaces, but are also a way to give a twist of class and elegance to work environments.


Etched iron sculpture “Oltre”

The round shape returns in another work by the FG group: the main characteristic in Oltre are its three levels; studied and placed in the surrounding ambient, this sculpture cuts a circular space inside which a recall of the ambient around is repeated. Trees are traced in cor-ten, then they trace themselves other shapes on the surrounding nature.

“Body” and “Woman” collections

If not new to the work by FG Art and Design, surely you already enjoyed the sinuous shapes of the Body and Woman collections in their decorative panels and in the boiseries; here, we find them in their sculptural equivalent: what in the indoor spaces worked as a humanization of walls and separé, here is free to move in the world. The link between life – the human body – and design – the primary shape – is the keyword for reading these iron sculptures; the surrounding ambient affects how the artwork is shaped in the matter: the sea and the horizon set the choice on the white painted iron, the green of nature marries with the earthly shades of the etched iron.

design sculptures

Cor-ten and satin brushed stainless steel sculpture “Cubica”

Curves, round shapes, sinuous lines…but there’s space for corners and squared shapes as well: the “Cubica” sculpture is the proof. Other twin of the “Circles” sculpture we just talked about, Cubica adds balance to balance overlapping squared windows one on each other. Be aware, however: this sculpture celebrates imperfection and beauty in this world as well; that’s why one wall is invisible, using the surrounding landscape as its matter.


Finally, if sculptures are not what you are searching for, did you ever think of a fountain? FG Art and Design can project the perfect one, tailored on your spaces like the rest of their works: the artwork Fountain is an example of it. The union of etched iron and water creates a one-of-a-kind effect, impressively original.

fontane di design

Garden and outdoor: from housing attachment to magical places

April already started and the times passes fast: don’t be caught unprepared, choose the best furnishing and artworks to transform your garden and outdoor spaces in truly magical places! If you like the outdoor design sculptures that we showed you in this article, contact FG Art and Design for more information and feast your eyes on their catalogue!

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