From the Nordic legends to the typical Italian conviviality: tables and benches are not simply furnishings, but spots dedicated to socialization and culture. To the centrality of the complement, someone adds fascinating lines and amazing materials: the iron and walnut design tables and benches by FG Art and Design are unique pieces that turn the convivial environment into the special corner of the house.

Less is more

It is said that a good interior decorator needs a few key pieces to make a magical environment. It is no doubt the case when the furnishing accessories are special and the result of high-design, and have such a craftsmanship level to give a new meaning to any room they’re placed in, even the most difficult to frame.

Today we present you several pieces of design that combine a superior handicraft with a delicate sense of art and beauty: FG Art and Design’s wooden and etched iron design tables are the result of the work of a team of artisans and artists of taste and matter.

tavoli di design

Precious and classy elements: design tables in wood and etched iron, benches and consoles

How do you decorate a tasteful and classy environment? Starting from simple shapes. However, simplicity is an art to itself, in which few people can excel. The FG Art and Design group bases its work on linearity and cleanliness of shapes, which become almost primary, and this process is much clearer in their production of tables, benches and design consoles.

The materials, above all: noble and elegant but essential, these design tables swing between walnut and etched iron. Coupling them with classy environments where minimal is the key is a direct consequence: center of aggregation, socialization and of life inside the house, the design table stands out without physically or ideally encumber the space.

Table design

The biggest part of FG’s production – this won’t surprise anyone already familiar with the brand – is made of etched iron: a linear material whose lines become sharp edges, but always balanced by soft shades. As usual tailor-made, keeping an eye at the environment and the customer, Faravelli and Guadalupi’s etched iron tables enliven prestigious residences all over the world: from Lebanon to Italy, to France, they always find the way to win the customer, creating a common line between cultures and aesthetic taste.

The table, however, is historically made of wood and, when in solid walnut, becomes accessory of immortal charm, witness of epochs. The linearity of the form is softened by the warmth and organicity of the wood, and makes the environment a lively embrace.

Fg art and design

The production we present today also includes two delightful types of complement, often undervalued but never common: the etched iron design benches and the consoles that, voluptuously, stand on the walls like real liveable, habitable paintings.

The official FG Art and Design’s catalog presents two examples  of these furnitures: the etched iron design bench in the picture challenges the laws of movement, squared above, becomes a wave at the bottom; the Virgola console, again in etched iron, seems to resume its concept and overturn it, thanks to the sinuous embroidery that supports it.

Custom design tailored on the buyer’s wish

FG Art and Design’s furnishings have several points of excellence: from the craftsmanship of every piece to the design with always-present taste; among them is the total customization of the work, conceived and realized individually and tailor-made on the buyer’s wish and designed for the environment that it will furnish thanks to rendering and photomontages that will show it in its place.

Do you like the wooden and iron design tables and the other furnishing accessories we mentioned in this article? Contact FG Art and Design and browse the official catalog!

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