Design Sculptures by FG Art and Design. Do you love art and innovation but don’t want to say no to high quality craftsmanship? If the answer is “yes”, FG Art & Design is the perfect solution for you: this brand, founded by Paolo Guadalupi and Francesco Caravelli, and enhanced in time by the joining of a group of architects, interior designers, artists and artisans, creates artworks, sculptures and furniture that combine the ancient craft tradition in pure design works.

The pieces of art that you can admire on the official website and inside the complete catalogue are works of true craft design in which the voices of rationalism and abstract art from the 30s marry with citations from the natural world and the human body, rewarding us with furniture, home accessories, sculptures and art installations with unique features and precious finishing. This original mix of styles and skills gave life to various collections of big impact, mostly inspired by nature, which is reproduced and forged often into humble materials, as iron, glass, ceramic, transformed by FG Art and Design’s competent hands in precious sculptures to make your spaces unique.

Body and Woman collection: the human body becomes a work of art

The collection of modern design sculptures Body and Woman has been created with the human body in mind. These artworks reproduce the sinuous shapes of feminine body using soft and essential lines, pouring life into the metal itself. These pieces will easily get in harmony with your modern spaces, both indoor and outdoor, weaving a precious weft around your life concept. Sculptures in iron, etched iron, corten iron and painted iron. Guarda tutta la collezione

design sculptures

Circle and Cubica collection: the elegance and innovation of basic shapes 

The Cicles collection, in etched iron, and Cubica, in corten iron and inox steel, are born from the development and decomposition of circles and squares, basic shapes that get their inner expressive power from simplicity to create something unexpected and engaging thanks to lightness and elegance.Guarda tutta la collezione


sculture di design in ferro

iron sculpture

Coral and Oltre collection: nature is master

Nature is the protagonist of these two collections by FG Art and Design. The design sculptures part of the Coral collection enchant with their ostensible frailty and then win our attention with their visual power, arose from the union of gold leaf and iron. The sculpture Oltre, made of etched iron, seems to quote the poetry “The Infinite” by Giacomo Leopardi thanks to its tree appearance: close your eyes and imagine it like a magical, classy touch in your garden, nature among nature.Guarda tutta la collezione

sculture di design in ferro

Fuga and Rings collection: geometry at the service of art

Verticality is the true protagonist in the collections Fuga and Rings. The design sculptures of the Fuga collection, made of etched iron, win the observer for their recalls to the art of Kandinsky and with the poetry originated from their geometrical shapes. On the other hand, the Rings collection, made with painted iron and inox steel, in its true celebration of balance is inspired to the Italian art by Cattaneo and Radice.Guarda tutta la collezione


Design sculptures

These and many more marvels await for you in the world of iron sculptures and design artworks by FG Art and Design. Thanks to a successful synergy between artists and artisans and to the constant research and experimentation of shapes and materials, these works of design will make your house, your work place or your company headquarters a place unique and with sure visual impact.

Redefine your furnishing experience

FG Art and Design will take care of every step of the realization of your iron or steel sculpture, starting from the choice of the style, material and dimension more appropriate for where you would like to place it. Through a customized design and the rendering/photomontage of the sculptures, you will be able to see the artwork inside your ambient before the purchase for a definitive experience of the real future atmosphere.

Discover in detail the products by FG Art and Design by browsing and downloading the complete catalogue  or directly contacting the company.

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