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If you want to find out more about Design Craft Chandeliers it implies that you understand and appreciate the added value given by details and the atmosphere they can confer to your house, making it a unique and memorable home.

Over the recent years, the concept of light and lighting has changed thanks to a newborn desire to give life to unique and aesthetically refined living spaces endowed with common stylistic elements.

A strong desire for exclusiveness and customization has promoted and supported the creation and the growth of young businesses, which as a result of a combination of art and design, are able to give life to the dreams of ever more demanding customers.

Research and the wise use of materials, combining humble elements such as  iron, steel, wood and glass, with a range of unique finishes ranging from gold leaf, bronzing, chrome treatment, etc. creates much more than a simple chandelier: something that can be identified in the world of design as an authentic sculpture of light.

design chandeliers

The best collections of Design Craft Chandeliers are created by FG ART AND DESIGN, a leading company which, for more than a decade, has been designing customized chandeliers carefully crafted from the fusion of art and design.

Its collections, which are undoubtedly to be found in the most exclusive houses of the world, are custom-made and follow a design process strictly linked to the customers’ personal desires. It offers rendering and photomontage services which produce balanced and harmonious solutions.

As I wrote some time ago IN THIS ARTICLE, I was immediately fascinated by this exciting type of product, therefore I decided to go and visit the company personally to see and understand more.

When I entered their workshop for the first time I was immediately plunged into a world of passion; a passion that flows from the pencils of their designers to the skillful hands of their craftsmen to create the most awe-inspiring objects.

Only when I met the eyes of Paolo Guadalupi and Francesco Faravelli, founders of the company, could I understand where the passion that envelops their creations came from.

“The world of design is changing”.

After a long chat with the two business partners Paolo Guadalupi and Francesco Faravelli I saw that an important and drastic change is taking place within the world of decor and lighting.

But let’s go and see together how and why.

 “Our customers long to own the sculptures they commission, that afterwards will decorate and personalize their houses, like a tailored suit which follows the curves and contours of the body.”

This is what Francesco told me, pointing with his pencil to a new project before him, and after a while, Paolo pinpointed that:

 “At the basis of our design work and daily research lies the harmony of shapes, the quest for simplicity which is never linked to fashion, but has to win over time as if it were an essential part of it” 

Chandeliers design

After such a long introduction, let’s enter into the merits of the subject and try and understand how to choose your Design Craft Chandeliers in a knowledgeable way and without making mistakes.

There are mainly 3 key-elements to take into consideration:

1 The style of your house

2 The rooms available 

3 The place to contextualize your chandelier

Chandeliers Fg art and design1 The style of your house: this is the first consideration to make; what kind of style does your house have? Classical, Modern or Shabby-chic? According to the style of your house you will have to choose the chandelier which best fits its style and atmosphere.

design craft chandeliers

2 The rooms available: take into account the rooms available, take the measurements of the room or of the space where you wish to hang the chandelier; this little step will help you to choose the right size, and thus avoid making big mistakes.

design craft chandeliersTake in mind that Design Craft Chandeliers are all hand-made, a fact which a part from adding value in terms of prestige and uniqueness, allows you to choose the model whose dimensions and features best fit your needs. It also enables you to commission FG Art and Design to produce the custom-made model you like the most.

3 Contextualize and positioning:  think well where you wish to contextualize your design chandelier.

Do you have a staircase, a big space to decorate and light? With the help of Design Craft Chandeliers you can make every single room of your house unforgettable and unique. You just need to choose the right position to enhance the surroundings and this will make your chandelier appear like a suspended sculpture, a piece of magic dictated by Design.


Which materials can you choose for you Design Craft Chandelier?

Don’t worry…

You can choose among a wide range of solutions at your own disposal.

FG Art and Design offers a catalogue with many finishes and materials to choose from: Ceramic, Linen, Iron, Gold Leaf and just as many models, each of them created by the competent hands of skilled craftsmen and designed and conceived to be totally in line with the materials used.

Well, I think you are now ready to make your best choice! And remember…


If you want find out more about the type of chandelier to choose and to see all the models that FG Art and Design makes available, you can DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE CATALOGUE RIGHT HERE or you can contact the company directly to get all the information you need about the models and sizes available.

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